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About The House

Founded in 2023, McKinlay Creative House aims to serve the business community. Through personalized and attentive service, I strive to exceed my clients' expectations and build lasting relationships.

Together, we are transforming your business aspirations into remarkable realities.


Well, Since You Asked...

I'm happy to introduce myself - Danielle McKinlay, Founder & Creative Lead! I started this business because I believe that you can combine your passion with a career path that is successful, financially stable, and worthy of your legacy. And I'm going to help you do just that.

The start of this story is not the most exciting (I promise it gets better) - I went to the University of Waterloo for Molecular Biology & Biotechnology and shortly after graduation started in an analyst role at a regional health center. 12 years went by, several upward role changes, and I knew the next chapter needed to begin. 

My best qualities were connecting with people and helping them with their plans and strategies. 

My passions and best talents needed a new home.

So I leaned into what I do best and what I know is most important to me: creative connection, intentional efforts, and a life of service to others. 


McKinlay Creative House was born!

And this is where it gets good: I have combined my passion, my talents, and my purpose to create this service for You. It fills my heart to hear about your visions and dreams, and nothing makes me more determined to make your dream come true than hearing your story. 

And now you know mine. What's yours?

Danielle McKinlay Waterdown Branding Social Media and Web Design in Waterdown
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